Posted by: sean | June 27, 2009

Dabashi on Iran

artp1In case you haven’t been reading him, you should check out Hamid Dabashi on what’s going on in Iran. Last week, he had a piece on CNN’s website about the allegations that this is a class conflict between the rich supporters of Mousavi against the lumpen proletariat backing Ahmadinejad.

His latest, in Al-Ahram Weekly, paints a picture of who he sees as the winners and losers of the recent events. He ends with a message to Arabs and Muslims in the region:

To the best of my knowledge, this is not a revolution to topple the Islamic Republic. This is a grassroots demand for civil rights. Iranians being clubbed and shot in the streets of Tehran are not the stooges of the United States. The Arab and Muslim mediaeval potentates suffocating the democratic aspirations of their people are. Fear the day that young Arabs and Muslims learn from their Iranian brothers and sisters and demand their inalienable human rights, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, equal rights for men and women, economic opportunity, respect for human decency and for the rule of law.


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