Posted by: sean | July 22, 2009

Summer reading

booksHere are a few things that I’ve been reading this summer:

And a few that I’d like to get to:

If you’ve got any suggestions, leave them in the comments!



  1. Sean – have you started the Murakami? Is it any good? I haven’t read any of his nonfiction stuff, but have recently gotten into running and am curious about this one.

  2. I sat down and read the intro, which is interesting, but stylistically not anywhere as tight as his stories. I think that’s to be expected, though.

  3. Did you know Haruki made a somewhat (or very, depending on how you look at it) political acceptance speech on Palestine-Israel when he accepted the Jerusalem Book Prize in 2009? There was an English translation on the Manichi Newspaper website (Japanese paper) but it’s gone now. Wiki says it was “harsh”, but reading the actual transcript, I beg to differ.

  4. Yeah, I remember reading it in Salon. If I recall, it was about the wall and the egg. I remember thinking it was ok — but nothing exceptional.

  5. Yeah, I agree nothing exceptional. Actually I didn’t like it at all, except for the fact that Haruki had the balls to say it in front of Shimon Peres.

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