Posted by: sean | August 1, 2009

Datsun update

I was working on a translation and then had a wedding in Jordan, so I  haven’t been able to post much, but I do have an update on the Datsun, which might get its own guest post soon due to its unintentional involvement in a police chase.

Last week, I answered the door to see my upstairs neighbor, Madame el-Brofessor. After saying hello and apologizing  for answering the door without a shirt on, I asked what I could do with her. She inquired as to whether we had two cars, to which I said she was probably thinking of a frequent guest’s car and my roommate Nizar’s Datsun.

Then she looked at me square in the face and asked me, again in French, if the Datsun was a manual. I realized that this was not a parking-related interaction, and my face must have turned turnip red, because it immediately occurred to me that someone must have forwarded her this post, and she had decided to come downstairs and confront me about it.

After I shyly told her that yes, the legendary Datsun did, in fact, have a manual transmission, her next question threw me for a loop:

Madame: So this might sound strange, but I was wondering if your roommate could go without a car for a couple of weeks.

Me: Pardon?

Madame: Well, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to rent it for a while.

Me: Uhh…

Madame: You see, my son is coming into town from Switzerland, and he would like to get his driving license there, but the test is on a manual transmission, so he needs to learn how to drive one.

Me: Well…I don’t know. I guess you’ll have to take that up with him, but I’ll pass on the information.

Madame: Please, because I don’t want to rent a car for this from a company, and I thought maybe I could just check with you.

I take this as a personal triumph for our home and for the Datsun. It’s like being turned down  by someone you never even asked out, only to have that same person come back and offer you money to take you out. Well I’m sorry, ya Madame, the Datsun is spoken for.



  1. so do you really want anyone learning how to drive, stick of all things, on your car?!
    i think not!
    can you imagine the state of the clutch after he’ll be done with it?

  2. Hi babagannouj,

    Of course not. But it is a victory for the Datsun nonetheless! ;)

  3. […] my local supermarket. The security guard took the wand and walked to the side of the car, the famed Datsun, and as I was getting ready to keep driving as I’ve done hundreds of times before, he asked […]

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