Posted by: sean | September 17, 2009

Self promotion

I know the blog has been slow (read: dead) lately, but I promise it will pick back up soon enough. In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of pieces out that you can check out.

The first is in Publio and is a creative piece called “Arabic for Lovers: A Lexicon for Beginners,” and the second is in the current edition of The Executive, and is a longer more substantive piece on domestic workers in Lebanon called, “Serve but don’t swim.”

Unfortunately, neither is available online, but both are really good magazines that you’ll want to buy anyway.


  1. Did I blow your “cover”? Haha. I live several thousands of kms away from where Diplo is originally published, but I’m looking forward to buying anyhow.

  2. It was a thin cover anyway, and I suppose it was mostly blown by the ever-classy Abukhalil. In any case, the Publio edition is definitely worth picking up. Anthony Shadid has a really nice piece in it as well…

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