Posted by: sean | September 24, 2009

Mad dog at Turtle Bay

200px-Muammar_al-Gaddafi_at_the_AU_summitLast night, I spent about an hour of my life that I’ll never get back watching Gadaffi give his speech at the UN. It’s the first time that I’ve ever watched, as opposed to read, one of his speeches, and I hope it will be the last.

He rambled on and on and on about the inequality of the UN Security Council (and especially it’s veto-wielding permanent members), reparations for Africa ($7.77 trillion, how he came up with this number is anyone’s guess), 65 wars that weren’t stopped by the UN (I’d be curious to see the list), moving the UN headquarters (apparently to combat jet-lag and give the US a break), amongst other issues that I didn’t see, because CNN decided to cut the broadcast short and get reactions (al-hamdullah!).

Gadaffi made a fool out of himself and Libya, as well as the African Union, of which he is currently the president. He also made serious issues, like reforming the Security Council, sound ridiculous. He kept rambling with self-righteous pomp, presumably hoping that if he said the same thing the seventh time in a slightly different way, he’d get some thunderous applause.

Reforming the UN Security Council, which he called the “Terror Council,”  is an important issue that deserves serious consideration, not the ramblings of a demented tinpot dictator whose petro-dollar budget is only matched in size by his ego. He continually and repeatedly lambasted the UN for hypocrisy, for failing to stop 65 wars (one of which was his invasion of neighboring Chad and malicious meddling in Sudan), for not being democratic (as opposed to his 40 years of despotic rule that’s about as crazy as those of Idi Amin or Turkmenbashi), and for fomenting metaphorical “terror” (as opposed to the literal kind).

Some of the issues that (King of kings) Gaddafi tried to bring up in his tin-eared megalomaniac way deserve to be discussed rationally, not mocked because of the insanity of their messenger. Gadaffi, as usual, has set back the cause that he claims to support.



  1. Madman that he is. I thought he’d given up on his dream of Isratine, until he mentioned it at that GWU speech this year. Gotta give him point for consistency though. And when’s he going to get serious and tell the truth about the “Elvis-ized” Musa al-Sadr?

  2. Gadaffi made a fool out of himself and Libya, as well as the African Union, of which he is currently the president.

    I would rather say that anybody, who wants to understand what Libya or the African Union are about, should watch one of Gaddafi’s performances. He will quickly get the idea. After all, Gaddafi did not invent the title of King of kings of Africa, this is how he was hailed by African leaders after he was elected by them to take the presidency of the AU.

  3. Needless to say, the same applies to the UN

    :D :D

  4. Actually, the presidency of the AU and the “King of kings” title are totally unrelated. Gaddafi did invent the latter title, looking around until he could find some “traditional leaders” to come to Libya and give him the title. In practice, he’s pretty much self-appointed.

    Also, when he had scheduled a meeting for the group of traditional leaders to meet in Kampala, the Ugandan government quickly shut the meeting down, because there, as in many African countries, traditional leaders are barred from actual politics, since they’re usually hereditary titles.

    The AU vision of continental unity is contested and varies from country to country. Gaddafi’s vision of what the AU should be is at one end of the spectrum and enjoys little support from the other member states.

    And the idea that Gaddafi, who spent his time lambasting the current structure of the UN, reflects that institution, more than, say, the five permanent members of the Security Council, one of which will again let Israel off the hook for war crimes, is ridiculous.

  5. I don’t know where you draw your information from, but this is how this event was reported in the media.

    DAKAR, Senegal — President Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya was named chairman of the African Union on Monday, wresting control of a body he helped found and has long wanted to remake in his pan-African image.

    His installation as the new head of the 53-member body resembled more of a coronation than a democratic transfer of power. Colonel Qaddafi was dressed in flowing gold robes and surrounded by traditional African leaders who hailed him as the “king of kings.”

    . . .

    Source: The New York Times

    As to Gaddafi, it’s plain obvious to any sane person that Gaddafi by now has largely lost his sanity. Your post is really putting it all on its head. Gaddafi cannot be held responsible for what’s happening to him as he is out of his mind since years ago. Not that he is the only person in the world who on having reached old age experiences various cognitive problems, but in normal countries such people are usually taken care of by their families and social services. They are certainly not supposed to be a head of state.

    The thing that we are blessed with him lecturing in the General Assembly for hours is precisely because the Arab world from where it hails has not one single country that can be defined as even remotely normal and because we have this thing called the UN that provides them podium. Otherwise Gaddafi would have been promptly dispatched to some nursing facility or at least his insanity would have been confined to Libya and meetings of the Arab league. So it’s very apt that Gaddafi would come forward and call for the reform of the Security Council and such stuff because this is exactly what it’s about and Gaddafi represents well the theatre of absurd of this international multilateralism. The Arabs can at least be partially excused for this mess because until Gaddafi dies and his son takes over, they are stuck with him. But the Africans have simply elected him to head the AU this year out of their free will, when he appeared before them in his plain insanity. The global warming and sub-Saharran Africa’s “sub-replacement” IQ levels cannot make one more skeptical about the future of this continent than the fact that these clowns have elected Gaddafi to represent them.

    Give more power and representation in international forums to all these Arab and African pseudo states and it will get even more hilarious. The West should get realistic about this family of nations and global village blah blah blah and start quietly sidelining the UN. Serious matters can be sorted out on Western internal forums. If necessary BRIC nations can be invited to these forums. But the UN is a parody and to talk in serious about reforming it or its Security Council is beyond parody… Unless of course to reform means kicking out all these clowns starting from Gaddafi through Ahmadinejad to all other Kings of kings and leaders of revolutions.

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