Posted by: sean | October 1, 2009





  1. Thanks for the Yemen article.. Given how close it is to the Gulf states, they’ll probably flood it with cash to keep it quiet… You know, I published a couple of blogposts about 50’s/60’s South Arabian stamps, the Yemenis can always go back to having a dozen so little tribal kingdoms instead of the fractured country they have now..

    Remember the southern leader in the 1990’s war of separation? El-Beidh… (the eggs).. I always got a kick out of his name…

  2. They seem to be going through some kind of Malthusian collapse. Their inland provinces are becoming uninhabitable and it can be technically impossible to desalinate and pump uphill so much water. I also want to see what the Saudis will do about them. Never mind that in 10-15 years the population of Yemen will probably surpass all Gulf states together.

  3. BTW Good post about Yemen by Demography Matters: The ticking population bomb

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