Posted by: sean | January 19, 2010

Amuse-gueules: Haiti

Like many people around the world, I don’t know much about Haiti. And also like many people, I’ve been interested in reading as much as possible about the island over the last week. (This is also likely due to the heavy procrastination that sets in when I’ve got a mountain of papers to grade.)

In any case, I’ve been really disappointed with most of the articles that I’ve seen recently. They often range from Haiti-is-so-screwed-because-Haitians-are-lazy to Haiti-is-so-screwed-through-no-fault-of-its-own-but-because-evil-Americans-want-to-enslave-it. Surely, the truth is somewhere in between.

So saying that, here are a few things I’ve come across on Haiti. And as usual, please share other good links in the comments.

Articles & Reports:


Finally, if you’d like to donate money to help with the earthquake relief, you can do so through UNICEF, Partners in Health or the Red Cross.


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