Posted by: sean | April 14, 2010

Intramural football in Lebanon

"We're all one team"

Last night, Lebanese politicians got together for a friendly game of football. You can read a more or less serious write-up here.

I tried to get into the game but finally wasn’t able to, and I quickly got bored watching it on television. According to my beautiful source inside the stadium, though, I can report the following: Michel Pharaon somehow thought it a good idea to play in his normal shoes instead of football cleats or even sports shoes. The match was won by Sami Gemayel, who scored two points to bring his team to a 2-0 victory. When asked how he was able to score two goals, he quipped cheekily that it was because Ali Ammar, the Hezbollah MP who captained the other team, had such a weak defense strategy.

The one major player who wasn’t present, however, was Hassan Nasrallah. If I had any photoshopping skills, I’d make the Sayyid a jersey abaya. And in case you were wondering how Saad Hariri looks in shorts, click here, I dare you.

Also, via Miss T, here’s Ziad Rahbani equating the civil war with a football match, with Lebanon as the ball.



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