Posted by: sean | June 1, 2010

Amuse-gueules: Gaza flotilla

Here is a collection of some of the more interesting posts I’ve seen about Israel’s attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, which resulted in somewhere between 10 and 19 deaths. Before listing some of the interesting things I’ve read in the last day and half, I’ve also been reading, despite my hypertension, some of the pro-Israel lines, which range from this in Ha’aretz to people like Michael Totten, who in typical American Zionist fashion is evidently interested in showing the world how to be more Catholic than the pope. In both cases, there’s an in media res slant (but without the flashback) that totally disregards the initial forced boarding of the Turkish ship in international waters. Totten, for his part, tells us, that it’s just like being pulled over by a police officer. Apparently the long-arm of Israel now has universal jurisdiction. In any case, here are some non-idiotic pieces:

If you come across any other good articles, feel free to post them in the comments.




  2. Sink the Damn Ships!

  3. The official resolution by the United Nations Human Rights Council (establishing an international investigation)



    This is a good article on Informed Comment from Juan Cole

  6. Are you sticking with that 10-19 figure? Cuz it throws the credibility of your sources out the window.

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