Posted by: sean | July 4, 2010

Illiterate swastika lovers in Bourj Hammoud

I watched the Germany-Argentina match yesterday and was impressed with both teams, although the Germans just seemed to play a much tighter defense. After the match, the streets were crazy with supporters waving German flags and honking and setting off fireworks.

One thing that really bothered me during the World Cup in 2006 was the occasional German flag with a swastika painted on it, mostly flown from passing  cars. So you can imagine my disgust to see this banner flying in Bourj Hammoud, a predominantly Armenian Christian neighborhood east of Beirut today:

For those who don’t read German, it’s reads Germany (although the idiots even managed to misspell “Deutschland”), with “we live together, we fall together.”



  1. It reminds me of a documentary on Moroccan support for Barça or Real.. When their favourite team loses, people fall into depressions and stop eating etc… I could understand it if it’s one own national team, not when the team represents a completely different country…

    Swastikas.. ouf…

  2. Could this be the doing of supporters of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party? I seem to recall that much of their support comes from Armenian Christians

  3. This is horrible, I am ashamed of that ! I can understand “maybe” that they adopt this sign as a symbol of their hatred for Israel or the Jews ! but this is insulting for the Germans themselves…
    I live in Germany and I know how sensitive this matter is !! This is ignorance, Lebanese think that this sign represents German strength but they stopped reading books after 1945 I guess !! and the idiots spelled Deutschland wrong !!! The embassy should order to remove all of this crap !!

  4. Oh this is bad…
    I mean it’s already bad enough that we’re seeing people fight and get hurt over the world cup in which Lebanon’s not even participating…
    Ignorant bastards.

  5. I thought the Armenians have a grudge against the Germans because of the genocide of 1915. Germany was allied with Turkey at that time. Maybe Armenians in Lebanon are out of sync on this issue with the rest

  6. @NB most Armenians aren’t aware of the German involvement in the Armenian Genocide.
    They’re just supporting their team, I saw the same flag in Ashrafieh (sessine) and 4 cars on the road in downtown with the nazi/german flag.
    People don’t realize the gravity of the nazi swastika, they just attribute it to an “anti-jews” symbol. My newsfeed on facebook was flooded with “Go Germany, Hail Hitler” statuses… people are just stupid they think that Hitler only hated Jews.

  7. My facebook also was flooded with that !!
    Hail Hitler and Hitler will make the Argentinians cry, bla bla bla….
    How ignorant can people be, not only 3/4 of them, doesn’t know a thing about football, but they also want to put politics in it and wrong politics !! pfff
    I just want to post a status to tell them all to shut the F. up and stop saying that, but i have german friends on my fb and that will shock them ! lol

    Sometimes i feel blessed for not living in lebanon…How dangerous this thought is ????

  8. Bruno: No, the SSNP isn’t primarily Armenian. It’s a mixed secular group, but the biggest sect within the party would probably be Greek Orthodox Christian Arabs. Most politically active Armenians in Lebanon are in one of the three main Armenian parties: Tashnag, Hunchag and Ramgavar.

    Otherwise, I’ve been trying to work out the dynamics of who supports what team int eh World Cup, and as best I can tell, at the end of the day, the Lebanese like a winner. In 2006, Brazil, Italy and France followed by Germany were all really popular, but this year, it’s been Brazil, Germany and Argentina with pretty limited support for France and Italy. (Of course all of this is totally unscientific and based entirely on anecdotal evidence like flags and varying amounts of fireworks after matches.)

  9. […] can’t really decide if it’s sheer ignorance or clumsy […]

  10. Sean, thanks for the clarification. BTW, I’m not trying to imply that all (or most) Lebanese who support Germany in the WC do so out of crypto-nazi sympathies.

  11. Back in may a big German (redesigned) flag in Bteghrine even made it in some local newspapers. Not many seemed to be shocked.

  12. have you had a look at Gilbert Achcar’s book?

  13. Hi Karin: Actually, I picked it up last year at the Salon du livre, but I’ve only just now started reading it. So far, it’s really interesting…

  14. you guys are just as stupid as them, this was at the times of the world cup of soccer, and at those times brazil vs germany rivalry goes over the roof, they simply wanna emphasize that their on the german side

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