Posted by: sean | September 17, 2010

The censorship of schmucks

Apparently there’s an American remake of the French classic, Le Dîner de cons coming out starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd called Dinner for Schmucks. According to Jamal, it’s been censored for offending the Church’s oh-so-delicate sensibilities (h/t Miss Tee):

There were a couple of scenes that were obscenely cut from the movie which opened yesterday in Beirut. It turns out that depicting Jesus and his apostles as a dead rodents for a small paying audience is a threat to national security. This at the same time that live rats continue to be streamed daily right into everyone’s living room free of charge.

Censorship in Lebanon, of course, is unfortunately nothing new. I’m not sure what the movie looks like without the “mousterpieces” created by Jim Carell, because the last supper of mice is important enough to be in the trailer:



  1. That is why it’s more fun to get the uncensored version on dvd and watch it. We live in a shitty country anyway! I wrote my own review abt the movie. U can check it on

  2. Think I did not mention this before, but I once went on a date with a girl who worked for the censoring office. Don’t remember anything really from that encounter other than she told me that it was Maronite Church that led the leagues, by a wide margin, in requesting and securing edits/bans (part of that is logicaly given the content of Western-produced cinema).

    Also, chatted with Charles Glass about Badih’s quote when that LRB response came out. While Hanna Anbar’s comment is funny and perfect (‘I don’t have confidence in anybody who works for me’), it does seem a doubtful cite to me, who was on the desk at the time. Anyway, the person to ask was the stringer who wrote the report, not Badih who probably just translated the Arabic summary in five minutes before handing it over to world-renowned editorial staff at the DS.


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