Posted by: sean | November 15, 2011

The WWF comes to Lebanon

Here we have Mustapha Alloush, Future Movement (former?) MP, debating the head of the always classy Ba’ath Party in Lebanon, Faiz Shukur, on MTV when things quickly degenerate and Shukur throws a glass then picks up a chair. No kidding, a chair. Oh the beauty of politics in Lebanon:



  1. I take it all back. You hit Lebanon just as hard as Israel. You could have mentioned them sending people back to persecution in Syria, or Lebanon’s voting against suspending Syria from the Arab league, but this story is certainly just as hard-hitting as anything you’ve had to say about Israel.

  2. […] could spill across the border. And while Beirut has avoided large scale unrest so far, one of the most spectacular outbursts occurred on Monday – not on the streets, but on the set of a Lebanese television station. It […]

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