I come to Beirut via Alabama and Paris. This blog is mostly concerned with the Middle East, Africa, genocide and US foreign policy.

My interests include foreign tongues, fallen empires, pear cider, pétanque, fresh cherries, capital cities, book shopping, Arab ice cream and root beer.

I have worked as an editor at the UN, university professor, high school teacher, picture framer, lawn mower, waiter, busboy and photographer’s assistant.


  1. Apparently (read it once, never checked) there are only two variety of perry pear tree left in the UK. Scarey for perry-lovers like my Matt. I prefer bitter myself.

  2. Interesting blog!

  3. Thanks for listing how each State voted. I had searched and could find no reference until I read Mondoweiss and their reference to your blog.

    Enjoy your stay in Beirut. I would love to visit myself.

  4. the confederate flag in the picture was sent by me to my husband Morris Crater when he went to Beirut. it is now In a museum in Newport News Va. I believe there was an article in Argosy about it, and the reporter later was killed in Vietnam. quite sure that is him carrying it.

  5. Keep writing! you are in the moment and in the place and have the ability to be authentic!

  6. Interesting and nice blog. Please check out the one for the underground peasants which is at the website named after three w’s – http://www.undergroundpeasants.com – it is a global society in formation

  7. Great blog. I’ve always got time to listen to people with well considered views and who share worthwhile experiences and insight. At almost 40, I’ve migrated from my now deceased Tumblr photo blog, and the relative superficiality of Facebook, on to WordPress, and I’m looking forward to following your work and discovering other interesting blogs. Keep up the great work!

  8. It’s truly great to find a sane voice on topics like Syria; and a voice that comes from the mouth of one who knows what he’s talking about.

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